We would recommend you to clone your site and setup up a staging area, if you don’t have one already. You can use it for testing and how the theme will react to your content. If you had heavily depended on shortcodes provided by the old theme, then yes for sure those won’t work with our theme, as shortcodes are theme/plugin specific. Another one to consider is the layouts, every theme will have different layouts options, widths, etc, so your content might re-arrange slightly as a result. Other than that, every theme would have a bit of a learning curve to follow, so I think it’s best if you try it out in a testing environment. In this way won't affect your live site while migrating.

Here is a simple plan:

1. Identify what shortcodes are used by your previous theme. It may help if you create some kind of a table:

shortcode | used on | settings
portfolio | "about us" page | (copy the shortcode here)

2. Activate the new theme on a separate install and copy the pages one by one. When you encounter a shortcode used by your previous theme, identify a potential substitute in the new theme. Generate the new shortcode and replace it.

3. Themes often rely on meta fields for posts and custom post types. Since these aren't standardized, you should identify the differences between the two themes. Replicate as much as you can in the new theme and then decide what to do about the rest.

4. For any remaining part of the theme, decide if you have to keep it. If you would like to keep it, please contact us and we'll tell you if it's possible.