If you don't have a Revolution / Layer slider update available, please do the steps below:

Step 1: 

Since you have the bundled version of the plugin and the updates comes with the theme, please make sure you've filled in correctly the purchase information (please check point #2 of this guide: http://support.vamtam.com/solution/categories/2296/folders/268518/articles/200952-how-to-update-a-vamtam-theme-) in order to receive all automatic updates.

Step 2:

If you've already followed Step 1, but you still don't see an update available, please do these actions:

- deactivate the Revolution / Layer slider plugin

- refresh the page to see the update option

- update the plugin

- re-activate the plugin

Sometimes you'll see some more update or validation notices, please ignore them, they are meant for the stand alone plugin's version. For more information please check this article: http://support.vamtam.com/support/solutions/articles/215466