In order to edit the style of an element (title, icon, etc.) without editing an accent color that will affect other elements in the site, please follow the instructions below:

Example 1: 

Let's edit the portfolio posts' title in the listing page view.

 Please add the code below to the Custom CSS area in VamTam > General settings.

How do I determine a Post, Page, Category, Tag, or User ID?

Sometimes it is necessary to know the ID of a particular Post, Page, Category, Tag, or User. To determine that ID, use one of these method:

  • Look in your browser status bar for the ID:
  1. Visit the related list table screen in your Administration Screen. For instance in the case of Posts visit Posts->All Posts, for Pages visit Pages->All Pages, and for Categories visit Posts->Categories.
  2. Now hover your mouse over the 'item' you need the ID. In the case of Pages, hover over that particular Page's title in the Title column and for Categories hover over the Categories Name in the Name column.
  3. Look at the status bar (at the bottom of your browser) and the you will find at the end of the line something like "post=123" or "tag_ID=67". In these cases, 123 is the Page ID, and 67 is the Category ID.
  • Install a plugin:
  1. Install and activate Reveal IDs for WP Admin or ShowID for Post/Page/Category/Tag/Comment.
  2. Find the ID displayed with each item.

.page-id-1234 .services.has-more .title {

 color: green;


Change the bold number to the ID of the page where you want to make this change.

Here's a guide how to add / change code:

Example 2:

To edit a column's title on a particular page.

1. Edit the page with the Vamtam Drag & Drop element - you can check this guide: Guide to VamTam Drag and Drop Builder / Visual Composer

Click the pencil icon of the column. 

2. Locate the ID field and set a custom ID for the column, for example mycolumn

2. Add this code to the Custom CSS area in VamTam/General:

.page-id-1234 #mycolumn .column-title,

#mycolumn .sep-text .content,

#mycolumn .text-divider-double {

  color: red;


You can check this guide: How to add custom CSS / PHP code or modify the theme code ?