In order to edit the style of an element (title, icon, etc.) without editing an accent color that will affect other elements in the site, please follow the instructions below:

Example 1: 

Let's edit the portfolio posts' title in the listing page view.

 Please add the code below to the Custom CSS area in VamTam > General settings.

You can use page id to enable the code only on a particular page:

.page-id-1234 .services.has-more .title {

 color: green;


Change the bold number to the ID of the page where you want to make this change.

Here's a guide how to add / change code:

Example 2:

To edit a column's title on a particular page.

1. Edit the page with the Vamtam Drag & Drop element - you can check this guide: Guide to VamTam Drag and Drop Builder / Visual Composer

Click the pencil icon of the column. 

2. Locate the ID field and set a custom ID for the column, for example mycolumn

2. Add this code to the Custom CSS area in VamTam/General:

.page-id-1234 #mycolumn .column-title,

#mycolumn .sep-text .content,

#mycolumn .text-divider-double {

  color: red;


You can check this guide: How to add custom CSS / PHP code or modify the theme code ?