In order to edit/remove the copyrights text in the subfooter area, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Please go to VamTam > Layout > Footer > edit the Text Area in Footer (center), (right) or (left) field:

Please note that there are three different Sub-footer fields.

1. Text Area in Footer (left)

2. Text Area in Footer (center)

3. Text Area in Footer (right)

Step 2: 

You can place text/HTML or any shortcode in this field. If you add only text, please skip step 3, 4 and 5. 



Step 3:

You can also use the Vamtam Drag and Drop editor of a post/page text editor to generate shortcode:

Please refer to this guide:

Step 4:
Please switch to the Text editor and copy the code. You can use the shortcut setting: Cmd+C / Ctrl+C (for Copy) and Cmd+V / Ctrl+V (for Paste)

Step 5:
Please go to Dashboard > VamTam > Layout > Footer > and paste the code in Text Area in Footer (left) / Text Area in Footer (center) / Text Area in Footer (right)

Step 6:
Hit Save Changes button.

Step 7:
To see the changes please refresh your browser and/or clear browser cache.