1. Please go to VamTam editor.

2. Please insert a column shrtcode into the editor by dragging it or clicking on it.

3. You will see the inserted code in the editor. Now click on "edit"  icon in the right of the shortcode and see the screenshot bellow.

1. Enable the parallax effect.

2. Set speed and direction of the background animation.

Minus means against the scroll direction. Plus means with the direction of  the scroll. The bigger the number the higher the speed.

3,4. Upload parallax image layer.

5 Set the height of the parallax section. Please note that if you insert other elements  into the column you may not need to set top/bottom padding.

The parallax effect will affect only the image background of the column not the elements you place into it.
You can insert column into column with transparent background images and thus create multi layers parallax effects.


You have two types of parallax effects:
Parallax - Simple, align in the middle - the column background is positioned -  center/center when it is in the middle of the screen.
Parallax - Fixed attachment - the column background is positioned top center when the column is at the top of the screen.
The option bellow controls speed and direction of the animation.

The parallax effect will be disabled on mobile devices as they do not yet  properly support this animations and may cause different issues.