Since WordPress 5.8 and Jetpack 10.0 launched the Block Widgets functionality, you must install and activate the Classic Widgets plugin so you'll continue to use the standard interface and options as described below.

WordPress Widgets add content to your Sidebars and Footer/Body Top Widget Areas. . Widgets require no coding experience or expertise. They can be added, removed, and rearranged in the WordPress Widgets panel found in WordPress Dashboard - Appearance - Widgets

Body Sidebars / Widget Areas

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Choose a Widget and drag it to the sidebar on the right, where you wish it to appear.
  3. Once you drop the widget to a  widget area, WordPress automatically saves and updates the configuration .To arrange the Widgets within the widget area, click on the title and  drag it into the place you want. To customize the Widget features, click on the icon on the right to expand the Widget's panel. To save the  Widget's customization, click "Save".To remove the Widget, click  "Delete".
  4. Assign the sidebar to a post (blog or portfolio) or a page.  


Global Layout

If you need to change the layout - please navigate to VamTam theme options - Layout - Body - Default Sidebar Layout.

Local Layout 

You have an option to override the global options . These options are located just below your text editor in post/pages.  

  1. Choose your sidebars layout
  2. Choose your sidebars from the drop-down menu.
  3. Publish. You should see the chosen sidebar/widget area with the widget in it. 

Custom Body Sidebars 

Please note that you have default - blog post, portfolio post, general page  widget areas. There is no point using custom widget areas if you haven't used the default one yet.

  1. Go to - Appearance => Widgets => Add Widget Area button
  2. Once you create the custom widget area, you can insert widgets into it.
  3. To assign the custom sidebar to a post  (blog or portfolio) or page please go to add new page/post > Theme  Options below the text editor > Sidebar.
  4. Choose your custom sidebar from the drop-down menu.
  5. Publish

Footer and Body Top Widget Areas

VamTam Theme Options => Layout=> Body

VamTam Theme Options => Layout=>Footer

This builder is used in the body top and the footer widget areas but not the sidebars in the body.

Please note that you can easily re-create the footer and the body top widget  areas and the widgets, by importing the dummy widgets data from theme  options => quick import => import widgets. If you have done so,  you will learn in this section how to change the layout of the widget  areas and the widgets.

In the footer and the body top widget areas of your website you can place  from one up to six widget areas. In each widget area, you can place as many widgets as you need.

You have an easy way to create your widget areas by choosing from the three predefined footer layouts in "basic sidebars".

In "advanced sidebars" you can build your own layout using the sidebar builder.

  1. Please choose the number of widget areas and adjust each widget area's settings.
  2. You can adjust the width of the widget  area from the sixth predefined and place them in one to six rows. When  "empty" is enabled then the next widget area goes on the next row.  Please note that you can have a widget area that spans only one-third of the width of the website and still being the only widget area on this raw.
  3. Press the button "Save Changes" when you are done.

Once you have created the layout you can now add widgets to the widget areas you have created.

Please go to Appearance => Widgets

You will see the footer widget areas on the right-hand side. Open the widget area and drag the widget(s) you need.

  1. You can choose from 10 custom widgets and all the WordPress standard one.
  2. Drag the widget is the widget area,
  3. Its option panel will open up and you can adjust the settings accordingly.
  4. Do not forget to click on "Save".