1. If you get "Failed to send" message

If the contact form or the RSVP attending form don't work and give an error in red box:  

 "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method." 

 please read the most common reasons to see this error:

Issue 1:  Make sure you've filled in the Form field. If you've deleted the demo code, you can find it in the theme's folder How to guides.

Issue 2:  Make sure you've filled the Mail field in. If you haven't set the mail in the first row (to the recipient) the form will not work.

Make sure the email is correct. No brackets and additional symbols :

Issue 3:  Make sure you've filled in the Message body field. If you haven't, the form will not work. Also please note that you can use only the mail-tags that you see on top of the Mail tab (please see the screenshot below)

See also this guide: Guide to Contact Form 7

Issue 4: Configuration errors detected

Once you click to edit the form you'll notice a resolving instruction below each field containing configuration error - please check the screenshots below:

2. If you don't receive messages although you get the "Successfully sent" message please check:

1. Check if you've used the correct mail-tags in the Message Body field (for more information please check the Issue 3 above)

2. The email address, most probably it is not correct.

3. Change the email address and try again. If you don't receive emails again, contact your hosting provider they should be able to locate the issue.