Please note that you can import the demo content and then just edit the imported testimonials. Go to Dashboard > VamTam > Quick import

In order to set up a testimonial page or slider, please follow the steps below:

Adding testimonials

Step 1:

Please go to Dashboard > Testimonials > Add new 


             1. Add a Title of the testimonial -  it's the name of the person that provides the testimonial.

       2. Fill in the text content in the text editor

       3. Adjust the Testimonial settings (optional)


Link format must be like this:
The Cite text will link to the URL set in the "Link" field.

      4. Excerpt - Testimonials posts don't support this functionality.  There isn't a "single testimonial" view to which you could link a Read more button.

      5. Testimonial Category - Add the testimonial to different categories - one or many

      6. Attributes (optional) - this option will order the Testimonials posts only in the admin area. In the listing page they will appear - the newest at the bottom.

      7. Use the Featured image option to put an image  of the person that gives you the testimonial (optional)

      8. Click on the Update/Publish button to save your changes

Set up a testimonial page or slider

Step 2:

Add new or edit an existing page.

Please go to Dashboard > Pages > Add new 

Step 3:

Add the testimonials using the Vamtam Drag and Drop builder.

         1. Go to the VamTam Drag & Drop editor and click on the element Testimonials.

         2. You can change the width of the element from the buttons on the left.

         3. Once the element is inserted you will see its block into the builder.

         4. Edit the element - choose the layout between Slider or Static, and the testimonials you want to visualise. If the "Automatically rotate" option is on, the Testimonials block will change the slide every 7 seconds.

         5. Select a category: By default all categories are active. Please note that if you do not see categories, most probably there are none created. You can use ctr / cmd + click to select multiple categories.

         6. Select the testimonials' IDs (optional): By default all testimonials are active. You can use ctr / cmd + click to select multiple IDs.

         7. Click on Save element button.

         6. Finally click on Publish.